Are you taking care of your payroll staff?

There is a lot of work that goes into your payroll and it is a vital part of any business. But how often would you say there is a payroll problem? Either the payroll is delayed or there is an error that needs to be resolved? This could be due to lack of training in your payroll department.

The Australian payroll association conducted a survey that saw 601 payroll managers across the country, from businesses big and small and including all different industries, answer questions on how qualified and comfortable they felt performing their role.

Confused over Awards or Legislation

2 of 3 payroll managers felt they need more training


2 of 3 payroll managers felt they need more training in order to interpret relevant legislation, including modern awards. The Australian Payroll Association followed up after this initial survey and spoke to 520 payroll managers and 90% of them found interpreting legislation or awards around employee entitlements and payments either confusing or contradictory. 89 per cent of these payroll managers felt that some of the clauses in these awards and legislations weren’t well thought out by legislators, making it difficult to interpret in the real world, while 93 per cent agreed that some awards need to be revised or made simpler. With the awards and legislation constantly changing, it is hard to be able to keep on top of the more than 100 awards.





Skills Gap with lack of trainingStatistics payroll training

A question on if the payroll managers feel they have a skills gap, was found to be an issue across the board with 86% of payroll managers in a small business feeling they have a skills gap and more than half of respondents working in both medium (64%) and large organisations (57%) also feeling the same.

With all this confusion and lack of training, how do we expect our payroll managers to handle the payroll with 100% accuracy?

In the initial survey conducted, it was also found, that half of the payroll managers surveyed said yes when asked if their current job demands needed more detailed knowledge than they currently possess. No wonder when 31% say they haven’t received relevant training within the last six to 12 months and 1 in 10 payroll managers said they haven’t in over a decade! Research shows people 68% of employees leave due to not having enough training. Hiring someone new will cost you more than providing training to your loyal staff, don’t let lack of training cost you.

The questions now is, how can you better support your payroll staff?

  • Ask staff what they want to learn, what the have difficulties with or are unsure about, and get the training they need. You want your payroll staff to be feeling comfortable and understanding what they are doing to complete your payroll to reduce the risk of errors or time delays.
  • Have staff complete training online or in person to ensure their skills and payroll knowledge are up to date. Higher management and directors should also attend or learn the basics so they have a grasp on what their staff are doing and are able to help staff. The Australian Payroll Association and The Association for Payroll Specialists provide online and in person training across all aspects of payroll.
  • Keep your staff informed on the companies future for payroll. Make sure they know of all changes you are wishing to implement so staff are prepared and trained prior to the changes. This will prevent any catastrophe’s that may occur during the change.
  • Automate the payroll process. Payroll can be simplified with an automated payroll process. With back office software you can have your payroll done in a shorter, less costly way and error free!


With ETZ you don’t need to worry about calculation errors as all your calculations are automatic and error free. ETZ also integrates with KeyPay to streamline the payroll process. KeyPay’s pre-built modern awards make it easy for payroll managers to pay staff correctly. Also all your employees/candidates data is put in by them to reduce the work load of entering the data.

With payroll being such an important part of your business, make sure you take the time to reduce risk & errors and take care of your payroll staff so you don’t end up with a big debt due to payroll errors. Find out more about ETZ’s automated payroll process by booking a free demo today!