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Like all brilliant ideas ETZ is simple. It takes all the different stages of paper based timesheet processing and eradicates the opportunity for back office error, delay and duplication of work. So the candidate or employee recording their time, the timesheet authoriser, and the business paying the wages and completing the billing all benefit equally.

Despite its simplicity the system is also incredibly powerful: in just 60 seconds ETZ can condense a business process which could formerly have taken days to complete and many man hours to operate. The average time and cost savings are substantial so agencies using ETZ become both more efficient and more productive.

ETZ is fantastically cost-effective and user-friendly, yet can make an immense difference to your business. In effect it cuts out the middleman – you!

ETZ provides a reliable service bearing your branding which adjusts to the fluctuating volume of your business and integrates flawlessly with your existing software. As soon as you begin to use the ETZ back office solution you reap all the benefits of the only system to really deliver the effective management of all timesheet activities.

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